Int 5
Per 1
Str -2
Sta 2
Pre -1
Com 1
Dex 0
Qik 0
Soak 2
Concentration 5
Magic Resistance 15
Basic Lab Total 15


Cr 11 An 1 Ig 2
In 2 Aq 2 Im 2
Mu 2 Au 11 Me 2
Pe 2 Co 2 Te 2
Re 2 He 2 Vi 2

Flaws Virtues
Blatant Gift Affinity Au
Fury Affinity Cr
Clumsy Free Study
No Sense of Direction Great Int x2
Covenant Upbrnging Inventive Genius
Driven: Unified Magic Theory Puissant Magic Theory
Secondary Insight
SS: Hermetic Magus
The Gift

PDF Character Sheet (17 Sep 2012)
PDF Spell Grimoire (17 Sep 2012)


Deep within the desolate wastes, at the very peak of the highest mountain, lies the Fortress of a Thousand Moons. Hewn from the very rock it rests on, rumor has it as a place where time flows… differently.

Inside the impenetrable walls those who inhabit it lead a life of quiet isolation, locked out from the rest of the humanity by the massive stone doors that open only once every thousand full moons.

For Leothold this happened eight moons ago. He chose to leave the Fortress and it’s Coven of Magi behind, in order to find his fortune, new ideas, and – if he’s lucky – the insight required for the breakthrough in his research.

When asked about it, he explains;

The correct agitation of air
Yields a fire that burns without flame,
Invisibly it flows just like water
and strikes without a grain of earth.

Beyond forms and techniques,
our art has a unifying principle,
the object of my quest.


Moonkær henkp